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Custom furniture projects

Furnish an environment is not just finding a solution more or less functional to the needs of the customers.

For a good architect needs of the customer are only the starting point of a journey that will ultimately lead only to the final project. More precisely, the designer, thanks to its experience, takes charge of the requests received and in a dialectical relationship with the customer arrives at a unique example where aesthetics and functionality, but also the technical feasibility and adequate price lead to the result sought. If, on the basis of this philosophy is a company that subscribes fully to this thinking "games are
facts. " So your furnishings that are produced as a measure garments are going to dress up the interior of your home. Our will is to create emotion through the furniture, colors and objects that you can find abundant in our showroom.

In summary BAD ROOM is all this: want to fulfill the dreams of its customers with enthusiasm and willingness, with a product made entirely in Italy of high quality, with all the necessary safety requirements and environmental compatibility at the RIGHT PRICE.

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