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Bed nets

Bed nets

The bed frames and COMFORT WOOD model can be purchased with different types of bed nets:

  • Orthopedic poplar plywood with ventilation slots.

  • SLATTED NET WITH ELECTRIC MOVEMENT equipped with two-engine small footprint, operated SEPARATELY for backrest and footrest with the appropriate wired control.

  • SLATTED curved beech plywood particularly robust and of different shape and color to the area of ​​support, so as to carry out a new concept of "Total Flexibility Area", which is identical comfort in every area of ​​support of the network, avoiding points of contact with the rigid perimeter. The adoption of stiffness adjusters slider also allows more precise and personal change in attitude of the slats in each condition of use. In addition, the original and exclusive oscillating supports highly resilient and durable they are able to change the angle of the slats to vary as a function of the support of the body.

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