In the shop you will also find badroom lamps and lights to turn color and joy all rooms and bedrooms in the world! The choice of lamps is varied and you can also order catalog items not in the store but have piqued your interest and you can enrich your rooms to make them even more beautiful.

There are lamps of the famous company Slamp.

Slamp creates, manufactures and markets lamps Modern Design based on a marketing project and revolutionary forerunner: to give birth to innovative lamps, ironic, modern and very decorative appeal. The lamps Slamp break with the traditional habit of buying sporadic and meditated in favor of an impulse buy, strongly emotional. The Slamp Tube ®, a historic icon-lamp Slamp, owes its success to the variety of decorations made in screen printing, and design highly recognizable in four sizes covering all the functions for use by the bedside lamp, all'applique, the floor. The innovative light of Slamp has won a lot of people and entered into millions of homes in Italy and in the world. For this reason, Slamp is internationally recognized as one of the brands most representative of the values ​​of Italian contemporary. With the recent collection SlampVille the pattern becomes matter and is embellished with new effects due to Cristalflex like Fiorella ® and Swarovski ® crystals as in Medusa, confirming all their values: high design content and permanent innovation; transversality of targets and harmony absolute with modern trends, irony and vocation to the game, that is creativity.

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