Room with bed and wardrobe hanging 66

Composition pensile.Ancora bed with a draft of fun and entertainment without neglecting aesthetics and functionality, this composition, called "Sailor", will surely be happy at least one of your children, what you will sleep in the bed superiore.Non c ' is that baby is on display with parents who do not ask for a high bed on which to sleep, even though we know that the purpose is quite different, and there is no parent who is not willing to satisfy him and make him happy if in addition to We make it a safe situation then all the fears of our mothers
apprehensive for the height of the bed give way to the desires of us figli.La uphill, closed between the wall and the upper bed, is constituted by one scaletto wood with three steps in the drawer and a trapdoor with hinged useful for the exchange season and completed a two-drawer library more compartments that can be used as a bedside table for those who sleep on the bottom bed is sopra.Il fabric with container side panels and matching with the support of the cabinet which together are part of the column with drawers integral dell'armadiatura of this room.

melamine white oak.
Drawer front and doors:
laminate mauve, blue and blue
Lower bed:
wildcard pattern in blue textile
G methacrylate type int. 128.

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