Bedroom with bunk beds and sliding 39

Composition with beds and desks scorrevoli.Quando a seller of furniture, bedrooms specifically, poses with one of his clients demand "lady, how would you like the bedroom of his children?" The answer, regardless of the size of the room, it is normally the following "I have two children, so much wardrobe, two beds, a large desk, bookcase and of course plenty of space to play, because he knows I'd like them to stay in their bedroom to play with their things." if the room has decent size with a little ' inventive you may also be able to meet all requests, but if the room is small and there are also over the front door patio doors, windows and radiators different the situation is complicated pochino.Ecco a solution that can fulfill this compito.Basterebbe even a glance at furnishing a layman to understand that on one wall we have satisfied all the requirements of our customers without excessive bulk and maintaining a high level of funzionalità.C 'library is in the terminal bevel and column above the container at the fore side of the bed top, there are two comfortable beds to sleep and to be redone, there is a work plan that given the size of the desk to call it tantamount to diminish, there are many drawers, there is room for the day of the game as desks and lower bed is stored under the bed up and wardrobe that finally there is the angle between the single column, drawers and the hatch with folding clothes and linens can easily accommodate two people.

melamine beech finish.
Drawer front and doors:
laminated beech color
laminated green apple
laminated green grass.
laminated beech color
laminated beech color
G-type methacrylate

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