Bedroom with twin beds and sliding panels 38

Composition with paneling attrezzata.La slogan that sums up the concept that lies at the basis of the study of this room is "vitality" both in the sense of liveliness and brightness of the color choice that the mobility of the articles that compose it. The beds slide silently along the wall equipped with aluminum rails to allow you to have plenty of space to play during the day and night twin sufficiently separated so as to ensure a fair intimacy in their sleep. Not only sleep and not only play in this room but also a huge desk, always smooth and as big as a bed that if moved to the center of the panels may offer a convenient plan for a study group also very large. On the left side three tiers with drawers and a container in well with flap offer a safe climb and a comfortable floor plan to redo all the days of the upper bed. To the imagination with the library roof that fills in a playful, but always functional wall space above the paneling.

Melamine Larch
Container structure and scaletto:
Melamine Larch
Drawer front:
Strawberry and Orange Lacquered Lacquered
Desk top:
Melamine Larch
Panels equipped:
Lacquered Banana
The type int. 128

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