Bedroom with marinara bridge 37

Badroom by Caremi with this composition expresses the essence of freshness and timeliness of the project. The compliments are certainly to our architect, who has obtained excellent results mixing materials such as lacquered glass and fabrics that would create separate opposite sensations (cold glass and heat the tissue), but that in this solution are balanced harmoniously.
It 's true, the space required is that the composition of absolute respect, but equally true is the fact that in 380 200 cm x cm we have the beauty of two beds, one with storage, drawers, bookshelves, desk and a large closet bridge with sliding doors. In all likelihood we will still have a little 'space is inside the room so you can fully satisfy, even if it would be enough really little, all the requirements for the bedroom of our children.

melamine larch.
Anodized aluminum frame with insert
Glass lacquered night and lime
Drawer front:
lacquered night
Lower bed:
wildcard pattern in lime-colored fabric
The satin type int. 128.

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