Bedroom with upholstered bed and wall units 36

Composition with walk-in dressing room with three doors, two of which packet and a battente.Quando you have the option to enter into a project for a children's bedroom a walk in dressing room with three doors simply means that there is much room for disposizione.Questa solution, chosen for boys now teenagers, is directed towards a very specific audience even as regards the choice of finishes and color contrasts: the wardrobe completely in gray oak and the clear break with the doors with aluminum frame with glass insert lacquered pumpkin are an expression of elegance and warmth, but also to the decision and desire to impress.
All dimensions are exaggerated since the volume dell'armadiatura up to the size of the bed transpire clearly desire for comfort and need space never feel locked in a confined space or when resting or when you are pinning their cose.La wall bed-desk denotes, perhaps even more dell'armadiatura, character and personality with regard to the combination of colors and sense of order in relation to the geometric arrangement of cabinets, shelves and scrivania.Chi inhabits this place knows what he wants and, above all, he knows how to achieve their goals.

Structure and surface:
white melamine (inside cupboards), gray oak
Structure of drawers and doors:
laminated orange, gray oak and lacquered aluminum frame + glass pumpkin
Drawer front:
laminated orange
satin bow

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