Bedroom with upholstered bed and wall units 35

Composition with upholstered bed and bedroom closet scorrevole.La provides a taste of luxury that can not be a child of tender età.La choice of finishes and the combination of color, give this project a sense of elegance typical of a soggiorno.Il read almost disappears, there is at the forefront in the middle of the room, but the feeling is that there is so expertly
near the wall with that desk, wall paneling, bedside cabinets and game creates a smooth movement to put in mostra.Il system moves hanging on any wall, alternating compartments with doors opening to the fore, the same movement horizontal and wall paneling taken from below at right angles from which they develop, almost the same length, both the bed that scrivania.Le with two sliding doors conceal a large closet whose depth is masked on the visible side near the window, the shelves high thickness with edge arrotondato.Se on the wall that you can not see there was also a kitchen would be a well-furnished apartment.

Wardrobe structure:
white melamine.
sliding doors:
laminated red and white.
Wall units:
white frame and dark oak
pre-laminated red and white.
Structure desk and bed base:
dark oak.
Type A satin.

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