Bedroom with wardrobe sliding and upholstered bed 34

Composition with upholstered bed and network wooden slatted beech evaporato.Si note a revival 80 years when Tetris was the most popular and was one of the most widely used computer games from the boys at the time. Now becomes a source of inspiration for ' decor and artistic result that comes out is guaranteed: the wall units, such as tiles of a mosaic yet to be discovered, fit into one another, creating a game of rooms and doors that can be available to all infinito.Avendo a range of wall units with standard measures, the design that occupies the wall above the bed can be made giving free rein to their fantasia.Il all blends due to the presence of the upholstered bed that has elegance and warmth to the geometric arrangement of the wall units and two bedside cassetti.Quasi the background of the room, deliberately to frame the landscape and the wall of the bed, stands the wardrobe with sliding doors amortized with a gentle reminder for closure and to avoid violent impact between the leaf and the outer shoulder, almost hidden by a row of shelves from top thickness and color with rounded edges.

Structure wardrobe and chest of drawers:
white melamine.
sliding doors:
orange and white colored laminate.
Wall units:
structure orange and white melamine doors.
Type A satin.

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