Bedroom with sliding beds 33

Composition with sliding beds on panels equipped. Here is a new kind of children's bedroom where the watchwords are undoubtedly design and elegance. The idea is not original, but definitely the aesthetic result sets it apart from imitations: the beds with metal backs give depth to the room and a remarkable sense of lightness, as if the beds were floating in the air and this feeling is so strong that it seems necessary to reassure mothers about their strength and stability. Under the beds is spread over the entire length of the paneling a bench with drawers that performs the dual function of container and bedside for the lower bed. Inside the room the library moves in two opposite directions in a game of intersections of lines: parallel to the shelf panels and shelves with corner radius in the direction perpendicular to the floor. The wardrobe is large as it can boast a walk-in dressing room with two doors and a packet-element dual-compartment and the choice of aluminum as a finishing material of the leaves draws the entire structural system design in which aluminum is found also in the beds, and the paneling in the shelf above the paneling.

Wardrobe structure:
white melamine
Hinged door:
laminated red and white aluminum frame.
Door wardrobe:
frosted glass and aluminum frame.
Panels equipped:
Dark Oak
type G methacrylate.

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