Bedroom with padded 31

Composition with walk-in dressing room with two doors in pacchetto.Soluzione of room for kids designed especially for those who want to see and have daily contact with their own little things, for those who want to see your favorite book on the shelf or the photograph that stirs emotions and awakens Memories: large spaces per day are guaranteed by both the library that continues the wardrobe is from the shelves with rounded edges that line the shoulder of the dressing cabin on the one hand by linking the same to the hanging wardrobe with folding doors, which with upholstered bed from one and a half full, but lightly, the main wall of the room, and the other greatly reducing the visual impact that would otherwise have the depth of the cabinet. Due to the height of the tops of beds: shelf and bedside table with wheels for parquet.Infine the walk-in closet, cleverly disguised, but definitely large, consisting of the dressing cabin with two doors in the package, which alone would be enough, and further enriched by the presence of two columns on the right wing with long and left with doors and drawers with Blumotion Guides depreciated.

oak melamine finish.
white laminate laminate + red
Drawer fronts:
laminated red.
satin bow.

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