Bedroom with upholstered bed and wardrobe sliding 29

Composition with wall units with ribalta.In in this room sleeping area in the study area are located on one wall while keeping the same position with respect to the same squareness and thus occupying the space within the room in a completely homogeneous giving a sense of geometric, heated, however, the choice of materials and finishes: in particular, the upholstered bed, equipped with slatted base with electrical and latex mattress, made elegant, despite the wheels, the thickness of the head usually used for beds matrimoniali.Nel contrast of colors fit with the aforementioned effect of giving heat to the solution, the bedside table, the platform, the desk and the bed back panels; visible in prominence, which can not fail to catch the eye, are the yellow cabinet with folding doors, the two columns to the library and the sliding doors of the cabinet.

Structure wardrobe and library:
White lacquered.
sliding doors:
White lacquered
Banana lacquered.
Base beds and desks:
Wood Walnut finish.
Wall units:
Banana lacquered finish.
type A satin

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