Bedroom with wardrobe sliding 28

Composition with wardrobe with two sliding doors with aluminum frame and panels in laccato.L 'sliding closet of this room is definitely the main element on which to focus: the capacity is important because it is made up of two columns cabinet 90 and technically is enhanced by the presence of shock absorbers that work to recall and, at the same time as a brake for the door. The study area has a corner desk, corner shelves with a system of tubular aluminum sliding doors and a column day with door always to aluminum frame and insert in metacrilato.Il bed is a rigid slats of wood, both as regards the bedframe both as regards the testata.Il bedside from 60 aesthetically draws the drawer under the desk and the wall units above the bed create a game that fills the shelves, but in a light and playful, the entire wall above the bed.

Structure wardrobe and chest of drawers:
Lacquered lawn
silver mirror.
G-type methacrylate

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