Bedroom with walk-in closet and bunk beds 26

Composition with double wooden bed, walk-in dressing room and deck with doors scorrevoli.La bedroom for boys pictured here has been designed with the goal to have, practically on a single wall, two comfortable beds in wood and plenty of space dedicated to 'armadiatura.I stackable beds do not neglect the importance of having in the bedroom of space for play during the day giving you the opportunity to occupy the entire width of the room only during the time of riposo.La roomy wardrobe made provision contains a column with four drawers with Blumotion depreciated, a deck with sliding doors with aluminum frame and insert laminate and a walk-in dressing room with sliding aluminum frame and glass insert satinato.Largo space was also intended for use by library thanks to a column on the shelves and a system of shelves with rounded edges to complete, masking, the depth of the dressing room.

melamine Larch.
High Gloss White
Lacquered Sea.
Ante wardrobe:
aluminum with frosted tempered glass insert.
Drawer fronts:
Lacquered Heaven.
Deck boards:
Lacquered Heaven.
type G methacrylate.

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