Bedroom with bunk beds and cabin 20

Composition with mini-walk-in dressing room with access to one wing equipped with a corner shelf and double hanging tube abito.La shoulder 96 cm deep and hinges with opening to 180 ° wing of the cabin allow easy access and the alignment of the whole composition to the depth of the two letti.Il lower bed is equipped with removable drawers that exploit the full extent of the bed both in depth and in width, and are based on rotating wheels in 360 °. The upper bed is equipped with folding mechanism that facilitates the reconstruction significantly lowering the height of the network and is supported by a base-leaved 96 cm deep with three shelves inside the back plus a pipe hanger on the front and a double-element library angular . Having access to the upper bed is allowed by the presence of a scaletto wood-drawers equipped with three steps entirely sfruttabili.La volumetric capacity, which distinguishes this type of room, also includes a compartment deck height 130 cm closed with two doors that bridges the gap between the top bed and walk-in dressing room that would otherwise remain not sfruttata.La composition is complete with a desk with rounded outer edge with the bottom of drawers with wheels and appendix 180 ° swivel and the top shelves with tubular aluminum.

melamine cherry finish.
Structure of drawers and doors:
laminated orange
laminated red.
Drawer front and read:
laminated red.
G-type methacrylate

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