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Children's Rooms and children in Menaggio - Factory Store

The new Factory Store Lugano is ready to welcome you, with an area of ​​square meters 200 10 bedrooms and well exposed. So will allow you to meet all the need to decorate the bedrooms of your children!

Directions for Via Pian Scairolo

Menaggio CO
1. Proceed southbound from Via Lusardi towards Via Dante Alighieri
400 m
2. Sharp right onto Via Como
140 m
3. Turn left and take Via Luigi Cadorna
260 m
4. Turn right to stay on Via Luigi Cadorna
Go through the roundabout
1,1 km
5. Turn right and take SS340
140 m
6. Take the first left to stay on SS340
350 m
7. Turn right to stay on SS340
Go through the roundabout
10,2 km
8. At the roundabout, take the exit and stay on 1a SS340
Entry into Switzerland
8,5 km
9. Continue on Via Cantonal
1,6 km
10. Continue Str Gandria
2,7 km
11. Turn left to stay on Str Gandria
160 m
12. Take the first right onto Via Riviera
850 m
13. Turn slightly left and take Piazza Emilio Bossi / Viale Castagnola
Continue to follow the Viale Castagnola
750 m
14. Continue along Viale Carlo Cattaneo
400 m
15. Turn left and take the Independence Square
120 m
16. Continue to Riva Giocondo Albertolli
400 m
17. Continue to Vincenzo Vela Riva
600 m
18. At the roundabout take the exit onto Riva 2a Antonio Caccia
650 m
19. Turn right and take Viale Giuseppe Cattori / Road 2
280 m
20. Continue straight to stay on Viale Giuseppe Cattori / Road 2
Continue to follow the Viale Giuseppe Cattori
750 m
21. Take the exit toward Str dala Curona
120 m
22. Turn slightly right and take Str dala Curona
110 m
23. At the roundabout take the exit onto 1a Str Cantonal
300 m
24. At the roundabout take the exit onto Via Pian 2a Scairolo
100 m

Street Pian Scairolo

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Closed on Sunday

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