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Children's Rooms and children Trezzo - Factory Store

Our center's rooms is located within walking distance of Trezzo!
Finding us is easy: just follow the directions below!

Directions for Via Vittore Ghislandi 33, Bergamo BG
The course provides for the payment of tolls.

Trezzo Sull'Adda MI
1. Proceed southbound from Via Via Giacomo Rocca to Brodolini
120 m
2. Turn right onto Via Fiume
30 m
3. 3a At the roundabout take the exit onto Via Vittorio Veneto
350 m
4. 2a At the roundabout take the exit onto Via Antonio Gramsci
300 m
5. At the roundabout take the exit onto Via Carlo 3a Biffi
220 m
6. Continue on Via Sala
400 m
7. Via Sala makes a slight curve to the right and becomes Provincial Road 184
1,0 km
8. At the roundabout take the exit onto Provincial Road 3a 170
240 m
9. At the roundabout, take the exit 1a
Partial toll road
260 m
10. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for E64 / Venice and enters A4 / E64
Toll road
11,8 km
11. Take the exit toward Bergamo Motorway Junction
Toll road
1,3 km
12. Turn slightly left and take Highway Junction
Toll road
350 m
13. At the roundabout, take the exit and stay on Junction Highway 3a
600 m
14. At the roundabout take the exit onto Via Highway 1a
900 m
15. Turn right onto Via Costantino Simoncini
240 m
16. Continue on Via Jeremiah Bonomelli
400 m
17. Continue on Via Bartolomeo Bono
Go through the roundabout
400 m
18. Turn left onto Via Andrea Fantoni
200 m
19. Turn right onto Via Angelo Maj
450 m
20. Continue on Via Vittore Ghislandi
Your destination is on the right
180 m

Via Vittore Ghislandi 33

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