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Badroom has made quality its "workhorse".
Using only carefully selected materials and components, assembling carefully every single element thanks to a careful work and still craft, our product is built to last in time and accompany our children through the different phases of their growth.

The robustness is therefore the first characteristic of the furniture badroom: the use of heavy thickness, the presence of special steel and aluminum and the quality of the ECOLOGICAL PANEL make the camerette badroom virtually indestructible.

Particular attention has been devoted to the health of children.

Badroom now uses more than 10 years LEB, an ecological panel to 100% made with recycled or poplar wood from reforestation. This material is also characterized by a very low emission of formaldehyde, volatile substance which in high concentrations can cause eye irritation and headaches. Due to their chemical nature LEB it still produces only a small percentage well below the maximum allowed.

Furthermore, the use of COATINGS greatly reduces the emission of harmful substances because compared to traditional solvent-based paints use water as an element latter reagent.
So we protect both the environment and the health of our children.

Badroom is a reality born and raised in Brianza and has established a strong relationship with their territory. It follows that all suppliers and processes are exclusively MADE IN ITALY. The only exception are the guides slow down for drawers and hinges for the doors amortized BLUM, Austrian company recognized worldwide as a leader in this field.

Those listed are all inherent characteristics of materials and products badroom qualities that you can express yourself better but they need to be enhanced by careful design of the furniture, the space available and an in-depth analysis of customers' needs.

In this regard badroom has developed in collaboration with the MILAN POLYTECHNIC within the project "BABYLANDIA" a study on the use of space allowed by a consumer particular: children.

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