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Doors and panels

Doors and panels

The doors and drawers are melamine first pressing, not recycled, painted with water-based paints in thickness 25mm, ABS edging, 10 tenths of a mm, which guarantees an edge slightly rounded and never sharp.

From wikipedia:
The lacquer is a transparent paint or colored, that dries by evaporation of solvents and often also with a hardening process that produces a finish tough, durable, which can assume any level of gloss from the ultra-opaque to extremely glossy and that can be further polished depending on the requirements.
The term comes from the Sanskrit lacquer laksa which means "one hundred thousand", to indicate the number of insects which is secreted by this element. [1]

In everyday language, the term lacquer is often used as a synonym for shellac. In fact, despite the similarities of the names, they are two different materials, which are not even connected to each other. Shellac is a resin secreted by insects drawn from bedbug lacquer (lacquer Kerria), who lives in India and throughout Southeast Asia. The solvent of shellac is alcohol. The lacquer is instead based on cellulose nitrate (nitrocellulose) with the addition of resins to make it less fragile, and the nitrocellulose in turn is derived from wood pulp or cotton linters (nitro-flake).
The solvent is the lacquer varnish thinner. [2]
Although much hairspray as shellac are traditional finishes, lacquer lasts longer than shellac.

Because of the risks to health and environmental concerns related to the use of solvent-based lacquers, much work has been devoted to the development of water-based lacquers. Such lacquers are considerably less toxic and more environmentally friendly and, in many cases, produce acceptable results. Increasingly, therefore, the water-based colored lacquers are replacing those transparent and colored solvent-based applications for the interior and the hood of automobiles and other industrial uses similar. The water-based lacquers are wide use also in the finish of the furniture.

The panels are thick coated 40 / 25 / 18 mm. and edged Abs thickness 10 tenths.

From Wikipedia:
The melamine is a panel of wood chipboard coated on one side, or on both sides, with melamine paper, which is a synthetic material made from sheets of thin paper (around a tenth of a mm) impregnated with melamine resin. The use of such a card causes the coated panel is often also called melamine panel (or melamine) The panel may be formed over that of chipboard (also from recycled timbers), also from hardboard, from plywood, wood printed, OSB or MDF. It is considered a fairly inexpensive product, however, the development of increasingly realistic cards combined with remarkable qualities of hardness and scratch resistance and solvent resistance of the surface makes this product very much used in the world of design.
Sometimes to embellish the product further proceed with a surface coating: This process makes the surface of the panel almost indistinguishable even to the experts with respect to a product veneered and painted obviously at the expense of higher production costs, although the differences with a veneered natural are more than evident. First of all, the homogeneity of plot and tone in all parts of the panel makes it clear that we are faced with a reproduction, as it happens watching a laminate faux wood or a wood pre-composed, ie the origin dyed to resemble a real wood. Another item for which a consumer can clearly notice not be in the presence of a product veneer is looking to the edge. On a coated panel edge is almost always in another material (usually abs) and the color is associated, not resulting never perfectly equal. There are also melamine paper finished that simulate the pores of the wood, creating roughness also rather important or against ennobled by smooth lacquer that prevent the chipboard absorb the paint deep providing a good surface for the lacquers.

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