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Children's Rooms
Bedrooms with bridge element
From badroom's room you can find a wide range of bedrooms with bridge element that will allow you to maximize space and make the most of every opportunity that you reserve your room!
Bedrooms with sliding beds
Through the use of sliding beds on panels equipped your room will combine space for sleeping comfortably and space that your children need to play quietly!
Bedrooms with bunk beds
The new concept of small rooms with bunk beds will amaze you, mechanisms for easily remake the bed and drawers to stand on ladders! This is the perfect room!
Bedrooms with twin mini castle
From badroom Camerette comfortable beds and beauty to adorn the bedroom. Thanks to the presence of two beds in a 'low height will not have to give up the space to play and your beds will always be at your fingertips!
Bedrooms with hanging beds
Thanks to the use of structures in metal hanging the beds will be integrated seamlessly into your room enabling you to exploit any space without sacrificing elegance and functionality!
Single bedroom
Badroom's room is also addressed to singles or at least to those guys who do not feel at all "small" and wish to have their independence and all the spaces that they wish!
Bedrooms with mezzanine
Our bed sets compositions allow you to have a large studio with shaped desks design by day, while at night, pulling the bed you can go to sleep your children with all the comfort and convenience that only a bed on the ground you can give!
Bedrooms with beds on the ground
Nothing is more beautiful than a small room with beds on the ground! From badroom will find a huge selection of beds, both in wood and upholstery. All your requests will be granted!


Our company is specialized in children's bedrooms projects and designs to meet all customer needs. Our bedrooms are of high quality and easy to assemble.

In addition it is possible to carry out bespoke work to adapt our bedrooms for children to all the needs of the customer.

The bedrooms and beds in our catalog satisfy all customer requirements for a modern interior characterized by attention to detail and spaces so that your children will find an environment suited to their needs and desires.

The color range of our bedrooms includes four-color structure: Larch, Elm, Walnut and White.
Furthermore, the façades of the bedrooms can be of different well 22 lacquered colors, allowing you to create many combinations so that the bedrooms are adapted to the tastes of your children, but also to the aesthetic and practical needs of the parents. Inside the shop you will find all the bedrooms badroom bedrooms solutions adapted to your needs. Inside the shop you will spoil the highly specialized care for you and according to your needs and create spaces of solutions of small rooms suitable for you and your children. The bedrooms of the store badroom include beds, wardrobes, desks, sofas and couches, mattresses, pillows, cushions, rugs, lamps and all the objects required to furnish with taste your bedrooms. The beds and baby cots are very durable and great attention to detail so the room, once appointed, will look like a true work of art.

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