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Camerette quality


How can we be sure to buy a really small room quality?

What features should have the room quality?
Resistance, eco-friendly materials and are sure values ​​that you can not give up.

The horizontal planes more subject to wear must be covered with scratch-resistant material while the vertical surfaces if lacquered (surely an added value) must use water-based paints without solvents.

It is also important to have information on what we can not see:

Under the facade of the outer covering what is he hiding?

From what constitutes the structure?

Such thicknesses were used for the structural elements?

The so-called "chipboard" there are many variations and is by far the most common material used for the construction of the furniture.

With two simple questions we can make sure that the raw material of our room is the best one out there: it is recycled (waste cutting of any type endlessly reworked and of unknown origin) or virgin material from timber and worked specifically to become a product of the highest quality? If it is the first processing wood, where it comes from? A product that can boast of material coming from reforestation projects is definitely going to last long and to ensure the safety and health of our children.

Also important are the thicknesses used:

40 mm for the structural parts most stressed

25 mm for doors and shoulders

8 mm for the backrest

(Often it proves the use of much lower thicknesses: 18 / 16 mm for floors, doors and backs up to 3 mm for the backs of the furniture cheaper).

How are mounting systems and openness?

If you do not want to be among the many who complain after a short time a door or a drawer locked out of us make sure that the hinges and slide rails are manufactured in steel and manufactured in the EC area (possibly German or Austrian).

To ensure that the handles thousands of openings must be carefully produced with quality materials and non-printed plastic.

Also, if a piece of furniture should last over time and have the ability to be disassembled and moved several times while maintaining its original integrity, the elements for the assembly have to be metal and of excellent quality.

If you are buying a bed we will ask ourselves:

How is it made of the structure?

The elasticity of the network is controlled?
The slatted best quality are all equipped with stiffness adjusters so you can adjust to your liking the flexibility of the slats.

If a bed has container and we can open it whenever we need without the risk of structural failure observe the internal structure of the bed.
If the internal cage is made entirely of metal, the mechanisms will work on it while at bed durability and strength.
Even without a bed frame metal container provided by the carrier will be better able to ground the weight through the feet or wheels.

Then, if the bed is upholstered what other questions must we give?
It is removable?

I can undress and dress to wash it without too much difficulty?

What kind of fabric is it?
We need only take a long-lasting fabrics that can be washed many times without the risk that restrict or change color if only to exposure to the sun or because they are leaning against a wall.

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