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Looking for a room tailor-made for you


Want to buy a new bedroom and you're tired of the proposed "standard-all-equal-for-all"?

If you follow me a moment I'll tell you how.

Yes, once there were artisans and their every creation was unique.

Then came the industries with the mass-production costs have halved and made to disappear artisans.

At the cost of standardizing products: all equal and standard sizes.

But it is possible to merge the versatility of the artisans with the low costs of mass production?

Yes, you can! Badroom has invented a new category dell'artindustria. The artindustria manufactures furniture using the advantageous industrial processes, but inside it has skilled craftsmen who know how to convert at any time a mobile number in a product tailored just for you.

It sells directly through its stores throughout the country: so the project will be carried out by trained personnel within the company, and will be immediately translated into a bedroom tailor made just for you.

And so it does not matter if the walls are not perpendicular, if there is a niche that you did not know how to use, if that pillar is located right in the middle of the wall where you would put a cabinet or if the roof is sloped: the artindustriali find a tailored solution made just for you!

What are you waiting, get a map and immediately run into a store badroom!

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