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Today's bedroom is a microcosm: our kids play, study,
live there and only later fall asleep. In today's tight spaces careful design
and realization of the rooms are basic.
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Badroom produces and sells all of its products. Precisely for this reason it is able to meet all the needs with plans and prices on measure. Find out about our quality and our prices in specialty stores badroom.
Come visit us at our stores in Seregno (Monza and Brianza), Bergamo, Rome and Lugano
Our strength is the quality
All our materials are made in Italy and meet the requirements of the most stringent European standards. Confident in their quality badroom by Caremi extends to 5 years * warranty on products.
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Your happiness is our greatest satisfaction.
To achieve this goal badroom uses specific skills, will
and attention.
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Our production of bedrooms is characterized by a wide range of products and solutions. In fact, every day we produce bespoke bedrooms to suit all spaces!
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From badroom will find many possibilities to buy your bedroom including the zero-rate financing!
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Badroom By Caremi is a company of Italian bedroom furniture for children and teenagers. In our factory's rooms we are not concerned only to design and produce modern bedrooms and Glamour, but we also think the sale and delivery. Visit us at our factory-stores (flagship stores owned by the company) in Seregno, Bergamo, Rome and Bellinzona. Here you will find a wide range of bedrooms, beds, beds wall cabinets, sliding beds, bunk beds, upholstered beds, bed set bedroom, bedrooms bridge, walk-in closets, wardrobes, sliding wardrobes, lamps, carpets, rugs Disney ...

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